We live in a world where money can buy anything, even if this means endangering other creatures. One of the clearest examples of this is the hunting of the rhinos, a phenomenon that becomes more and more dangerous every year. Rhinos don’t have any natural enemy so, without the involvement of the humans, they could live undisturbed. Unfortunately, every year thousands of rhinos are being murdered for their horns, an object that is being sold for thousands of dollars on the black market. In fact, ounce for ounce, rhino horn is more valuable than gold.

In Swaziland, rhinos were hunted so often that in 1960 almost no rhino was living in its natural habitat. That is when the government decided that a change needed to be made, and they decided to reintroduce rhinos in various areas in 1965 and 1986. In the last twenty years, the laws of the country became very strict regarding the hunting of the rhinos, and the ones who are caught doing this are sentenced to years of jail without possibility to escape.

In the last few years, only two Rhinos were reported killed for their horns, and this is a very small number compared to what is happening in many other countries in Africa and Asia. However, just recently, rhinos have been found slaughtered in several game reserves. The government and various non-profit organizations are increasing their efforts to keep the criminals away, and although they have been quite successful in protecting the rhinos, things are beginning to change for the worse again. The population of rhinos is increasing, but so is the number of people hunting them again.

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