The memory of the nuclear catastrophe that happened at Chernobyl continues to haunt the minds of the citizens of Ukraine every single day. What seemed to be a human error caused an explosion in a nuclear reactor. The result was a huge amount of radioactive material was released in the air and hundreds of victims died.

Today, there are no people living in the area. Almost 30 years have passed since the disaster and the soil is still contaminated and extremely dangerous for humans. However, for animals this has become the perfect habitat. Many species appeared in this area only a few years after the disaster and they continue to live there. Even more amazing, the animals are completely healthy and they present no mutations or diseases. Recently, a team of scientists visited the forests of Chernobyl and discovered that the population of wolves is abnormally high. In addition, there are many elk, wild boars, and deer who are claiming the forest as their home. Since there is no human presence here, they can live long, dangers-free lives.

The lack of human presence and the isolation of the area might make this place a great natural reservation. There is no exploitation, no hunting, and no chemicals in the air or water. If the area continues this way, it could be transformed into a wildlife sanctuary. The different species could flourish.

Some species of vegetation presented mutations from the chemicals that were in the soil for such a long time. However, the plants that have developed in the last years are perfectly healthy and animals can consume them without any danger. Sometimes, even the worst catastrophe can transform into something beautiful.





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