Butterflies are one of the amazing creatures that are present in nature. The feature that makes them so unique and intriguing is their beautiful wings. The butterfly wings are one of the most colorful objects that Mother Nature can vouch for. The Typical wing structure of a butterfly consists of four wings: two hind wings and two fore wings. The wings are attached to the third and second thoracic areas of their bodies. The flight pattern of a butterfly forms a figure eight during the course of their flight.

The primary characteristics of any butterfly wing are the presence of scales. The structure of the wings consists of two membranes, which are supported and nourished by the tubular veins. These veins also seem to aid in oxygen intake thus helping in breathing as well. Apart from the presence of scales, the butterfly wings also exhibit the presence of numerous tiny hairs known as setae. Initially the butterfly wings are wet, deflated and crinkled; post its emergence from the pupa. The butterflies combat this situation by hanging upside down to ensure blood flow and drying up before taking the first flight.

The arrangement of scales and setae provide the unique pattern in the wings. In fact, it is so much eccentric that even the opposite surface does not repeat the pattern. The vibrant patterns are not solely for aesthetic purposes of attracting potential mates but also for camouflaging and warding off predators.  Nevertheless, the wings of butterflies have amazed the human kind since forever.


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