“Big Butterfly Count” is a platform that aims at a nationwide survey that helps to know the health condition of the environment. This platform was launched in the year 2010 and in the period of 6 years, it has become the largest website that provides butterfly surveys from all over the world. Over the time period of 5 years, there were almost 52,000 people who participated in the platform and offered their services.

Joining a butterfly count:

In order to take part in the butterfly count, you have to join. For this, you have to count the butterflies in your area for at least 15 minutes during the day. You are encouraged to share the pictures of butterflies you have seen in parks, cities, school grounds, gardens, fields or any other area you want.

If you are taking the records from one fixed position, then you have to count as many species as you can. If you count three species, then you have to count them as 3. If you are confused about the species, then you can check the identification chart available on the site. Immediately after your count, you can submit all your collection to the site. For this, androids and the smart phone applications are also available. The website management states that they don’t receive the submissions through phone, paper, text, or by email. If you are a nature lover, you could help to do an amazing and important service in helping count adult butterflies.



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